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It is generally cheaper to buy a house in Hamilton than in other parts of the GTA. Nevertheless, they are trending upward year-over-year, along with the rest of the region. Hamilton's detached house prices averaged $857,000 in 2022.

In Hamilton, townhomes and condominiums are in high demand, although detached homes and large properties dominate the local market. The average price of a townhouse in 2022 was $696,000, while the average price of a condo-style apartment was $508,000. However, home prices are steadily rising as more and more people move to outlying towns like Hamilton, where housing is more affordable.

Hamilton is currently experiencing a boom in development. In recent years, Hamilton has seen many new housing developments built with the construction of an LRT, GO Train developments, and several revitalization projects. In Hamilton, you can choose from beautiful master-planned new subdivisions, trendy, modern condos, or brand-new convenient townhouses that suit your lifestyle.

Working with a reputable Hamilton real estate agent is the best way to buy a house in Hamilton. You'll have the support and guidance of a quality local agent throughout the entire home-buying process. Working with a Hamilton agent will ensure that you find the perfect Hamilton home and get it at a great price, from securing financing to negotiating pricing and terms. A knowledgeable agent who knows the area and understands the market is more important than ever in today's competitive seller's market.